December 10, 2009

Mathematics Recordings is 'Label of the Month' on Resident Advisor

"Jamal Moss' Chicago-based label has had a prolific 24 month period, seeing the imprint's catalogue nearly double. RA's Lee Smith calls up the man called Hieroglyphic Being to see why there's so much noise to be heard."

Free Hieroglyphic Being mix! (right click + save as)

01. Rotating Assembly - Illumination - Sound Signature
02. Abacus - Collectors Edition - Prescription
03. BeBe Winans - Thank You - Atlantic
04. DJ Genesis - Back In The Middle - Dynamite Soul
05. Idema + Co - Cascade - INFRACom!
06. Madonna - Erotic - Maverick
07. Noni - Be My (Friend) - Prescription
08. Rose Royce - Love Don't Live Here Anymore - Hispavox
09. Slam Mode - Eternal - Ibadan
10. William S - I'll Never Let You Go - Trax Records
11. Usutu Juma - Bongolistics - i! Records
12. Frontline Orchestra - Don't Turn Your Back - ICE
13. Mariah Carey - Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)
14. Inner City - Share My Life - (Kenny Larkin Detroit Remix) - 6x6 Records
15. Peven Everett - I Can't Believe I Loved Her - Nite Grooves
16. U get 4 - Edit - White
17. Hieroglyphic Being - Machines for Lovers - Spectral Sound

December 2, 2009

Jamal Moss Presents Marcello Napoletano - The Space Voodoo


A1. The Space Voodoo - Celestral Intro
A2. The Calm B-4 The Storm
B1. Ottantotto
B2. LMBDA Blues - 2 My Heroes Rmx
B3. Expressions Of A Miles Man - Slowest Part 1
C1. Mood Jane - Black Keys & White Dust Rmx
C2. My Brothers Soul
D1. Music If For The People
D2. I Hope That U Can Feel It
D3. Somewhere In The Galaxy - Outro

December 1, 2009

Hieroglyphic Being - So Much Noise 2 Be Heard


1. So Much Noise 2 Be Heard
2. Belief & Reality
3. Gayemende
4. Vibrations & Harmonies - Revisited
5. The Universe We Recide In
6. The Visitation
7. The Stairway 2 Heaven
8. Ravished By The Truth
9. 2 Bath In The Black Sun
10. Manifactured Skin
11. The Lost Realms
12. Irreversible (Written In 1996)
13. Thinking In Circles
14. The Ritual Of Transformation
15. A Visitor Of Someone Else's Memories

Contra Communem Opinionem - An Emotional Moment With The Sun


A1. An Emotional Moment With The Sun

A2. The Falling Sun
B1. The Brightest Time Of The Day
B2. A Radiance Of Love Part 1

Steve Poindexter - Music From Mathematics


1. IAMTHATIAM - The Human Aura
2. Late Invitation - The Late Invitation Theme
3. Aeroplanes - Ils Disent Que L'Orient Est Rouge
4. Contra Communem Opinionem - Conscious Choice
5. Hieroglyphic Being - Space Is The Place (Original Galaxy Studio Session)
6. Bocca Grande - Adlibitum (Take 2)
7. Analogous Doom - The Polyhedron Nest
8. Audio Atlas - Guatemalla
9. Andreas Gehm - My So Called Robot Life
10. Stabil Elite - Hogans Run
11. Chris Moss Acid - Naphthalene Sunset (Piano Mix)
12. Takeshi Kouzuki - Running Rhythm (Off The Wall Edit)
13. Marcello Napoletano - Back 2 The Riot

Various - Music From Mathematics Vol. 2


A1. Chris Moss Acid - Naphthalene Sunset - Piano Mix
A2. Contra Communem Opinionem - Baliarides
B1. Audio Atlas - Guatemalla
B2. Contra Communem Opinionem - Input Selection

Various - Music From Mathematics Vol. 1


A1. Sir KaTie - SHOUT
A2. Marcello Napoletano - Space Voodoo
B1. Olfryght - A Hand In The Sky
B2. I.B.M. Presents Violence FM - 2 Live & Die

IAMTHATIAM - And On The 3rd Day EP


A1. And On The 3rd Day
A2. The Healing Begins
B1. Inri
B2. The Wall Of Breath

Marcello Napoletano - A Prescription Of Love EP


A1. A Prescription Of Love
A2. Pianeta Juno
B1. Jazz Del Sottopassaggio
B2. Linguetta Acida - A Hieroglyphic Being Re-Duction
B3. Amici

Steve Poindexter Presents Andreas Gehm - My So Called Robot Life EP


A1. My So Called Robot Life Part 1 - RL8RX Free The Robots Version
A2. My So Called Robot Life Part 2
B1. My So Called Robot Life Part 3 - Salvation RmX
B2. My So Called Robot Life Part 4 - ERocTiC Sabians Rmx
B3. My So Called Robot Life Part 5 - Vox Version

Les Aeroplanes - Impersonnel Naviguant EP


A1. Ils Disent Que L' Orient Est Rouge
A2. 36 F
B1. Impersonnel Naviguant
B2. Trajectoires

Composed by Adrien Durand

Hieroglyphic Being - So Much Noise 2 Be Heard

CD One:
1. So Much Noise 2 Be Heard - Intro
2. The Earth Chronicles
3. Belief & Reality
4. Gayemende
6. The Universe We Reside In
7. The Visitation
8. The Stairway 2 Heaven
9. Unafraid Of Solitary Pain
10. Ravished By The Truth
11. The Unborn Soul
12. 2 Live In Fear

CD Two:
1. 2 Bath In The Black Sun
2. The Ritual Of Transformation
3. The Battle For The Mind
4. Finger Prints Of The Gods
5. Manufactured Skin
6. Thinking In Circles
7. The Hunger Game
8. When Time Began
9. A Visitor From Someone Else's Memories
10. Behind The Green Door
11. The Lost Realms

Lil' Louis - French Kissing EP


A1. Nice & Slo
A2. Jazzmen
B1. French Kiss - Untitled Mix
B2. French Kiss - Tongue And Tongue

Various - Music From Mathematics CD


1. Dimitri Pike - Exotica B
2. Jack Frost - Te Adoro Acido
3. IAMTHATIAM - Vibrations & Harmonies 2
4. Adonis Presents Hieroglyphic Being - Residue
5. Contra Communem Opinionem - Tired Feet
6. AfricanswithMainframes - Inscription
7. Ed Dmx - Can't Remember
8. Area - Digerati
9. Adonis Presents Noleian Reusse - Lover's Jak
10. Dimitri Pike - Exotica D
11. Hieroglyphic Being - Temple Of The Moon
12. Basic Soul Unit - Mmme
13. Chris Moss Acid - Niacins Touch
14. Contra Communem Opinionem - Late Loops - Steve Poindexter Rmx

Adonis Presents Pop Dell' Arte - No Way Back - Tribute EP


A. No Way Back - Nu-Disco Long Player By Adonis
B1. Querelle - The Dark Knight Mix By Steve Poindexter
B2. 2 Far Gone - No Way Back Dub - By The Circle Jerks

Hieroglyphic Being - So Much Noise 2 Be Heard


A1. Fingerprints Of The Gods
A2. 2 Bath In The Black Sun
B1. Behind The Green Door
B2. MB Trax V
C1. The Pineapple Effect - Future Jazz Version
C2. Encounters Of A Third Kind - Ambient Signatures 1
C3. I Am That I Am - New Age House Re-Make
D1. The Theme From Alexia - Ragtyme House Re-Take
D2. O Ceu Ajuda Nos - Original
D3. So Much Noise 2 Be Heard - Electronix Outro

Takeshi Kouzuki - Japanese Rhythms EP


A1. Whirlpool
A2. Japanese Rhythms
B. AF. Metro

Hieroglyphic Being Presents Analogous Doom - Living In A Zome EP


A1. Lost Together
A2. Living In A Zome
A3. The Polyhedron Nest
B1. Angle Of Attack
B2. Do I Look Italian? - Hieroglyphic Being Re-Edit

Bocca Grande - The Bremen Orchestra EP


A1. Procedere
A2. Adlibitum
B. Bremen Orchestra - Re-edited / Re-make

The b-side was conducted by Hieroglyphic Being

Basic Soul Unit - Lotus Roots EP


A1. Lotus Roots
A2. Virgo Mood
B. Mmme

Contra Communem Opinionem - Tired Feet EP


A1. Tired Feet
A2. Dreamin
B1. Cruising
B2. Silence In The Morning

EDMX - Can't Remember EP


A1. Can't Remember
A2. 808 Jam
B1. Whiskey Lima
B2. Boost

Chris Moss Acid - London's Calling EP


A1. Niacin's Touch
A2. Acid Buddy
B. Washing Faces - A Hieroglyphic Being Cleansing

Ministry - The Missing EP


A1. The Missing
A2. The Angel

I.B.M. Presents Monsieur Black - Hurt U / No Love EP


A1. Something So Wrong - Kill Exist Mix
A2. No Love
B1. Hurt U
B2. Controversy feat Bronques
B3. Hurt U / No Love (I.B.M. Re-Think-Re-Do Concept)

Lil Louis - Blackout (Phase 3)


A. Blackout - Phase 3
B1. Wargames - Medusa's Love & Hate Mix
B2. God Is Watching U - Vault Classics

Hieroglyphic Being - Cosmic Dust EP


A1. Quasars And Starfields
A2. A Time Warp Synthesizer
B. Cosmic Dust

Steve Poindexter - Maniac (Unreleased & Reworked) EP


A. Maniac - Original 1988 Extended Acid Replay Version
B1. Maniac - Area's Lost Meaning Version
B2. Feen For Rhythm - Belgium Acid Beat Mix
B3. Short Circuit - C64 Bypass Mix

Remixes by Area (B1), Dimitri Pike (B2), and Noleian Reusse (B3)

Africans With Mainframes - Watusi EP


A1. Watusi - Steve Poindexter Ritual Acid Reprise
A2. Bantu
B. Les Jour Acide Ne Pas Bouger Immobile

Hieroglyphic Being - The Sound Of Music EP


A1. Letters From The Edge
A2. Other Side Of Time
B. Space Is The Place (Intro)

Adonis Presents Noleian Reusse - Images EP


A. Images
B. Lovers Jak

Jack Frost - Tom Tom EP


A. Tom Tom - Expanded '87 Version
B. Te Adoro Acido

Jack Frost = Adonis

Hieroglyphic Being - The Temple Of The Moon


A. The Temple Of The Moon
B. The Temple Of The Sun

A 7" release pressed on blue translucent vinyl

Africans With Mainframes - Save The Robots EP

A1. Save The Robots
A2. Pluto
A3. Lambdoma
B1. Inscription
B2. Micro-Electronique
B3. Auto Küss

I.B.M. - My Life As A Skinny Puppy


A1. High Voltage
A2. Batteries Not Included
A3. Limelight 80
B1. My Life As A Skinny Puppy
B2. Blade Runner
B3. Crash Palace

Here is the first introduction to I.B.M. 'Batteries Not Included' later appears on The Dirty Criminals' (DeeCoy, Traxx, Hieroglyphic Being) 'Organized Confuzion' album on Gigolo Records

Adonis Presents Hieroglyphic Being - If


A1. If
A2. Isosceles
B1. Aristotle
B2. Modulo
B3. Residue

Hieroglyphic Being - The Acid Test Pt. 1


A1. Circular Motion
A2. Inconsistent Measure
A3. Fraction
B1. Rational Expression
B2. Ellipse

The original 'Acid Test' was released in 1998 on a limited 500 copy 2x12", CD & cassette.

Steve Poindexter Presents Africans With Mainframes

A1. Land Of Ur
A2. Mousiyani
B1. Church People
B2. Limelight 80'


1. Vibrations & Harmonies 1
2. Vibrations & Harmonies 2
3. Vibrations & Harmonies 3
4. Vibrations & Harmonies 4
5. Vibrations & Harmonies 5
6. Vibrations & Harmonies 6
7. Vibrations & Harmonies 7
8. Vibrations & Harmonies 8
9. Vibrations & Harmonies 9
10. Vibrations & Harmonies 10
11. Vibrations & Harmonies 11
12. Vibrations & Harmonies 12

An ultra limited CD (500 copies) and digital release which is also the first introduction to IAMTHATIAM - an alias of Jamal Moss that focuses more on the experimental, ambient soundscapes.

The VERY 1st Mathematics 12"

M.A.R.S 001
Steve Poindexter featuring Hieroglyphic Being 
A. Untitled
B. Untitled 

This is how it all started, an untitled 'white label' from 1996. Two insane tracks that sound like absolutely nothing else. Some called it innovative, some called it wack, some called it crazy...but if you ever heard it, consider yourself lucky because this is virtually impossible to find.